Safe and Cost Effective Last-Mile Logistics


We build and deploy robotic platforms for providing safe and scalable last mile goods delivery in urban areas


We pick up goods from places like restaurants, pharmacies, and grocery stores and bring them directly to your house, enabling faster, cheaper, and safer delivery to meet customer’s growing expectations.


Operating Zones

We can operate in both car and bike lanes

To maximize flexibility and safety the REV-1 is light-weight and low-power enough to qualify under e-bike regulations. However, it is still fast and nimble enough to operate in traditional car lanes and move through the world without impeding traffic.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the vehicle makes a big difference in the way it operates, where it can go, how long it takes to stop, and how safe it is in an accident. The REV-1 has balanced size and weight to make the most capable street worthy vehicle possible without the risks and challenges of full-sized passenger car autonomous vehicles.



Stopping Distance

Critical to the REV-1’s cost and safety is an incredibly short stopping distance. This means we can use lower cost sensors like cameras to see and we can stop on a dime to prevent accidents. When combined with the REV-1’s light-weight, Refraction has one of the safest most capable vehicles out there.